Ms. Cox's Classes

Daily log for Ms. Cox's social studies classes.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

1. Next section of the SG and the next 5 IDs are due on Friday.
2. If you borrowed a Renaissance test, please remember to bring it back.
3. On to the Reformation! 

This link is for a Tom Richey podcast about the Protestant Reformation. Looks like you need to click the "replay" button.

EL World History:
1. If you didn't finish the philosophers review sheets in class (Boxes and Statements), have them ready for a stamp on Thursday.
2. You will be writing a paragraph on Thursday.  Who was the wisest philosopher?  Which philosopher understood people best, and had the best ideas about government?  Be able to explain your answer.

US History:
1. If you missed the quiz at block, see me right away to arrange a makeup. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

1. Due at block: first section of the Study Guide plus 5 more IDs. 
2. We'll wrap up the Renaissance at block. 

Here's an incredibly long link for a Tom Richey blog post and one-page study guide on the Catholic Reformation.

US History:
1. Quiz at block: Territorial Expansion of the USA. 
2. If you took the unit test (Colonies to Constitution) late, you may not have turned in a binder packet. See me at Trojan Time (or before school or at lunch) to hand in the necessary materials.

EL World History:
1. Big vocabulary quiz at block!  Study your vocabulary notebook, and the practice tests you have taken over the past few weeks.
2. Be sure to take good notes on the philosophers of government chart! You will be writing a paragraph about one of the philosophers on Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

US History:
1. Due Thursday: "Washington and the Government."
2. If you missed the unit test at block, see me right away to arrange a makeup.

EL World History:
1. If you didn't finish the Crossword in class, finish it as homework.
2. Big vocabulary quiz coming!  Study your vocabulary books.

1. I'll collect the Study Guide Thursday.
2. Finish reading/annotating the humanism documents.  We'll continue working on the DBQ Thursday.
3. Don't forget to register for the AP exam.  Use the myAP site to register and pay for the exam. The deadline is November 8th.

Friday, September 06, 2019

On Monday, with the sub, you will be filling in the New Monarchs chart. Below are links for resources.

New Monarchs chart (make a copy for your drive):

New Monarchies Lecture:

Additional resources include your textbook and the handout that the sub will give you in class.

1. I should already have your Machiavelli/More notes.
2. You should have your Renaissance/Renaissance Art responses ready to turn in at block.

EL World History:
1. There will be a sub on Monday.  You should finish the questions on the back of the reading (Renaissance and Scientific Revolution), and your textbook notes on the Renaissance.

US History:
1. There will be a sub on Monday.  You will be completing the textbook assignment "Washington and the Government."  Please stack the textbooks neatly when you are finished with them. The sub will stamp your work and you can put it in your binder.
2. Unit test at block!  Postponed because I won't be here Monday.

Thursday, September 05, 2019


Here is some Renaissance material posted by Tom Richey, including the Northern Renaissance.  I haven't reviewed it, but he's usually pretty good.

You will have more time in class tomorrow to work on Renaissance art.
Your Machiavelli/More project is due!

EL World History:
1. Keep studying your vocabulary notebook!  There will be a big vocabulary quiz next week!

US History:
1. Unit test (Colonies to Constitution) will take place on Monday.
2. Be sure your binder is in order; you will be handing a binder packet next week.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Check out the College and Career Center website for info about applications, resumes, college visits and more:

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

US History:
1. "Winning the War" is due on Thursday.
2. If you need to re-take the "Path to Revolution" quiz, come in before school or at lunch. Let me know when you will be coming. You have until Wednesday, September 11th.

EL World History:
No homework. 

1. You should be close to finished with Machiavelli and More.
2. Last two sections of the  SG are due at block. We'll do the New Monarchs chart together.
3. You should have some events on your Hub Dates sheet (front side only).